Bot'n Roll OMNI-3MD:



Bot'n Roll OMNI-3MD



Bot'n Roll OMNI-3MD is an I2C slave 3 DC motor controller board.


Performs integrated control of 3 motors for holonomic movement by communication of linear speed, direction and speed of rotation.


Allows independent control of each motor to perform diferential movement.


Performs differential movement using International System (SI) units m/s and rad/s.


Allows absolute positioning by moving each motor to a position defined by the encoders.


Closed loop PID control of 3 motors with user configurable kp, ki and kd control parameters.


Configurable acceleration ramp allowing controlled and smooth starts, minimizing slippage of wheels.


Allows monitoring of the battery voltage and board temperature.


Allows odometry by providing user access to the encoders count with configurable prescalers.



Control OMNI-3MD with Arduino!


The Arduino controller board and OMNI-3MD should be connected by I2C.


The BnrOmni Arduino library allows to programmers an easier and faster access to all commands of the OMNI-3MD controller board. All the examples in the library are duly commented for a complete understanding of the code.


The library is compatible with the IDE Arduino-1.8.9 or higher. Download the .zip file to your computer, unzip and place the BnrOmni folder in the "libraries" folder of your Arduino IDE.


The library should be used with OMNI-3MD firmware 1.90 or higher.

Please check the Firmware Update Guide to update your OMNI-3MD to the latest firmware!


The Software Manual has a description of all Omni3MD library functions.





Refer to the Bot'n Roll OMNI-3MD Hardware Manual for detailed information.




Essential Downloads:


OMNI-3MD projects:


  • TraxBot - Mobile robotic platform developed by MRL from ISR of the Universidade de Coimbra, using ROS (Robot Operating System).

  • LAR (Automation and Robotics Laboratory) from Universidade do Minho sucessfully uses OMNI-3MD controller in several projects. Detailed information will be available very soon.

  • Our RCJ Soccer team uses OMNI-3MD in their robots. They represented Portugal at Robocup 2013 in Holland, RoboCup 2014 in Brazil, RoboCup 2015 in China and RoboCup 2016 in Germany!

  • EPB (Braga Professional School) equips their RCJ soccer robots with OMNI-3MD motor controller board.