Bot'n Roll ONE C



Bot'n Roll ONE C



Note: Bot'n Roll ONE C is no longer in production! This documentation is intended to support the existing robots. Bot'n Roll ONE C was replaced by Bot'n Roll ONE A. Click here for the updated product.


Bot'n Roll ONE C is an autonomous robot supplied in parts to be assembled by the user.


It was developed having in mind those who begin in robotics although it is a great challenge for the more experienced.


All components are soldered by the user following the instructions in the manual.


Bot'n Roll ONE C can be programmed in two distinct languages: C and BASIC.


For beginners, BASIC programming using "PICAXE Programming Editor®” is the ideal solution to develop successful applications for the robot’s microcontroller (PICAXE® 40X2). USB connection to the computer allows programming, debugging and enhances the robot’s connectivity. Flow Chart programming is also possible, providing an even easier way of programming so novices may develop proper applications.


Most experienced users should program in C using MICROCHIP®’s development tool MPLABX®. The C language robustness and the reliability of the XC8 compiler allow Bot'n Roll ONE C to be used in a superior level. Using PICKit2 or PICKit3 programmer with ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) you can program the robot microcontroller PIC18F4520 and DEBUG in real time.
Both the microcontroller PIC18F4520 and the PICkit2 programmer are sold separately in our online store.


Bot'n Roll ONE C has very interesting hardware features that make it very exclusive in the market:



Bot'n Roll ONE C the official robot for Roboparty® ( and can be used in ROBOCUP® junior ( competitions (rescue, junior soccer and dance).


Check the Bot’n Roll ONE C Manuals and Overview on essential downloads for detailed information about the robot!


If you have any questions don´t hesitate contacting us! We will be glad talking to you about our products.




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